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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Richards, Long and Redward pics

Maurice Richards with son Francis Brian, Alan Long and Frank Long

Grandfather Tom Redward of Napier, New Zealand

Alan Long and (wife)

below: Emily Redward, Joyce and Winifred Richards

First family car

Frank and Edith Long in foreground, behind them Alan Long - also in photo Brian Richards with his father Maurice and baby Joyce with mother Winnie.
Probably on the Thames Coast.
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The 1939 photo - missing in post below

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Richards family collection

Frank and Edith (nee Redward) Long
Centre: Joyce Richards
Bottom: Keith, Joyce and Brian Richards
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Winnie (nee Long) and Maurice Richards

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Winnie Long and Nell Thorburn

circa 1920s
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Richards family in 1928

Baby Joyce in the family christening gown, Winifred Marjorie (nee Long), Frances Brian and Maurice Augustine Richards; Kopu (Thames) 1928
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kopu School 1940

Girls: Phyllis Moore, Norma Phillips, Florence Watene, Doreen Phillips, Joyce Richards, Maree Watene, Elaine Bookes, Celia Luke, Mabel Gregory, Betty Dynes, Barbara Woolmok
Joycelen Moore, Mary Luke, Florence Monkley, Joan Ryan, Maggie Neale, Noeline Savage, Tilly Ake, Marine Watene, Alice Monkley, Shirley Savage
Teacher: Miss L Scrivin
Boys: Joe Davis, Charlie Cox, Ian Thomas, Brian Gregory, Desmond Hall, Richard Murray, Ron Woolmore, Ernie Heberley, Ralph Hudson, John Hudson, Eric Gregory
Gordon Hudson, Albert Ake, George Moore, Mita Watene, Keith Richards, Ian Moore
Collin Ryan, Allen Ryan, Billy Savage, Vivian Hudson, Herbert Luke, Bobby Jobe, Owen Heberley
Head teacher - Mr Morgan

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Kopu School 1937

Back row - l to r: A. Thomas, N. Dynes, K. Gregory, F. Heagney, J. McCormick, I. Clark, R. Murray, P. Hair, B.Gregory
Middle: Joyce Richards, B. Price, N. Dufty, B. Fisher, J. Trotter, J. Collins, June Collins, J. Moore, Mr Morgan
Front row: J.Gregory, E.Collins, I. Thomas, P. Moore, D. Hall, Pat Dufty, E. Heberly, F.Watene, J. Hudson, E. Gregory, B.Collins, R.Hudson

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Kopu School 1936

Girls: Pat Dufty, N(orma?) Phillips, Joan Moore, Ann Tizard, Joy Trotter, June Collins, Betty Fisher,
Phylllis Moore, Irene Benfell?, Elaine Boates, Joyce Richards, Joan Collins, Marie Watene, Gloria Heagney, Mabel Gregory, Florence Watene
Boys: Ian Collins, Ian Clark, Errol Morgan, Ian Hair, Brian Richards, Sam McCormick, Frank Williams, Dick McGregor, Robin Nichols, Richard Murray
Allen Thomas, V.Hudson, John Hudson, Ralph Hudson, Jim Heagney, Ray Hudson, Noel Dynes, Brian Gregory, ? Harden, Martin Heagney, Grenville Gregory, Kahoe Gregory
Headteacher Mr Morgan

Kopu School 1939

Girls l to r: F. Monkley, E. Boakes, C. Luke, K. Houghton, M. Watene, Pat Dufty, Joyce Richards, D. Phillips, F.Watene
S.Savage, M.Watene, M. Luke, N. Savage, B. Dynes, M. Gregory, N. Phillips, T. Ake, A. Monkley
J. Watson, J. Ryan, P. Moore - Teacher Miss Buchan
Boys - l to r: H. Luke, C. Cox, R. Hudson, E. Gregory, A, Ryan, Blakeborough, P. Gregory
E. Heberly, I. Thomas, A. Thomas, N. Dynes, R. Murray, D. Hall, B. Gregory, L. Thomas, D. Gage

G. Moore, S. Heberly, R. Gregory, V. Hudson, C. Ryan, A. Blakeborough, B. Savage, G. Hudson
Headteacher Mr Morgan

Friday, April 25, 2008

End of an era

A sad chapter in our family history occurred last week with the passing of Nita Dawne Murphy (nee Tibby). Dawne was married to Fred Murphy and loved mother of Mike, Steve, Coralie, Kerry and Megan - and grandmother and great grandmother to many more loved ones. Although Dawne suffered from dementia for the past several years she will be sadly missed and lovingly remembered by her many descendants.

Sunday, February 17, 2008