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Saturday, June 26, 2010

O M Chambers

Life is unutterably dear
God makes today so fair
Tho' Heaven is better_being here
We long not to be there

O M Chambers Feb 15th 1911
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S Chambers autograph

The devil sends the naughty wind
That blows the ladies' skirts so high.
But the Lord is just, and sends the dust
To blind the bad man's eye

S Chambers
18 Feb 1911
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P Redward

Posted by PicasaOld friends are the best friends
Their welcome rings out true
When others pass you onward
You'll find they'll stick by you

Dudley Redward

A little pig
crowded street
Motor car
Sausage meat

Sausages are my
Favourate fruit

Dudley Redward
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A L Smith, Otahuhu

Posted by PicasaThough not perfection, tis a careful selection, Written with affection, To swell your collection
A L Smith, Otahuhu 25/4/15

Mr Pecksniff

We are like coaches - our passions are the horses and Virtue in the drag - We start at "The Mothers Arms" and finish at "The Dust Shovel" - (Mr Pecksniff)
(?) Townsend
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Joan Redward

There is nothing on Heaven more holy
Nothing on Earth more mild

Thank the life of love that is Divine
In the smile of a little child
Joan Redward
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Edward Charles Redward

Hops are my favourite flower
By Edward Charles Redward
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D S Redward

Lives of great men all remind us
We may make our lives sublime
And departing leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time
D S Redward
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Success autograph

Trifles make success, but success is not a trifle
Sincerely yours
Ethel G Boecker
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Emilie from Edith

To Emilie
A smile for all
A welcome glad
A jovial coaxing way you have
Edith Mary Long (my g.grandmother) 9/2/10
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Elie autograph

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Eva Gear

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Tacon signature

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Autograph Album

Transcription attempt:
Absence - After you went away
I think I felt as one might feel who knew
That death had left him on the Earth alone
For all the world (?) to my (?) heart means you
And there is nothing left when you are gone

ALL happiness that (?) heart may know
I find with you, and when you go away
Those hours become a wrenching (?) of woe
And makes a ghastly phantom of today
G E Simeow, Wellington (NZ) 12 June 1909
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Waddell Autograph

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Autograph Album

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