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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Women of northern Wairoa

Names in this book by Jane Wordsworth include Mary Mills, Annie Anson, Helena Bassett, Lothee Diamond, Rose Simpkin, Alice Savident, Charlotte Spragg, Elizabeth Corkill, Antonia Orsulich, Evelyn Wordsworth, Rosamund McCarthy, Marian Cole, Zealandia Warmington, Ellen Melville, Margaret Roper, Laura Powell, Mary Brown, Elsie Burrow, Ellen Walters, Issia McIntosh, Frances Bick, Elsie Guy, Jean Forrester, Jean Massey, Dalice Olsen, Gwen McInness, Rachael Kena, Elsie Moorhead, Dinah Clark, Wilhelmina Clark, Norah Clark, Emma Morley Rope, Te Tuhi Black, Dorothy White, Alice Goulding, Ethel Biddles, Annie Dargaville, Amy Hoskings, Annie Wright.
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sandastyles said...

Would love a copy of this,it mentions my g.grandmother if anyone can helpin tracking one down I would be really greatful